The Process

WHAT’S NEXT?   An explanation of the selection and installation procedure


The Consultation

We are keenly aware that most homeowners have never purchased window film before and therefore have little knowledge about the product. An on-site consultation with an industry expert is the most important first step in the investigative process.  A Project Green representative will meet with you, at no cost or obligation, to assess your needs and recommend the                     most appropriate films.  The consultation starts with an understanding of the home                     from the exterior. The orientation of the home, color, aesthetic impact of existing window treatments and glazing, natural shading, proximity of neighbors and additional issues are all taken into account.  Further evaluation of the glazing system regarding the condition of the window frames, color schemes, usage of the rooms, usage of window treatments, exposure of the glass areas and an inspection of existing signs of fading are very important in recommending the possible films that would be most appropriate.

Recommendations are discussed regarding which windows should be treated and windows are prioritized based on exposure and severity of fading.  We offer two different brands of film as well as many different films within each brand. Consequently, it is important to  fully understand which film will satisfy the needs of each client.


The Estimate

The written estimate is normally prepared & emailed to you after the consultation.  The pricing is based on material and labor requirements for each project. The labor allowance is based on the required preparation of the glass, height off the floor, type of frame around the glass and the size and shape of the glass. The size of the overall project also determines the cost. There is a minimum charge for each installation. There is also volume discounting on larger projects. We will gladly itemize any individual areas under consideration, but the most economical way is to do the work as one installation.  The preparation of the glass surface and the edges adjacent to the frame is the most time consuming aspect of installing window film. Industry standards do not address this most critical  process. It is impossible to exceed industry standards for cleanliness and minimal light lines at the edges while offering the installation at the lowest price. It is imperative when comparing estimates from more than one company to evaluate this attention to detail.


The Installation

Project Green installations are completed by highly  trained and individuals that take every precaution to guarantee complete client satisfaction. The windows are coated in place. The installation is neat, clean, and odor free, with minimal disruption to household or business activities.

Our installers must meet our standards for quality rather than typical industry standards. Once a client decides to move ahead with an installation, they are given a date and  time for the installation. Generally, the lead-time is one to two weeks, however, during the peak season that time can  be longer.

There is no need for advance preparation by the homeowner.   The installers move furniture and accessories that may be in the way. We handle all furnishings carefully and are fully                     insured if the unthinkable should occur. It is a good idea  for the homeowner to move any delicate or extremely valuable items away from the window areas. Drop cloths are used to protect all flooring materials and to cover any furniture that cannot be moved, such as a grand piano. We place all  items back in their original position.

Extreme care is used in preparing the edges of the glass before  installing the film. When the existing finish is in good condition,  there will be no damage to those surfaces. In some situations, the normal preparation for the film will remove the finish if it is not in sound condition. An example of this would be window frames that had been varnished years ago, but due to the damage from the sun, the wood is unprotected. The water  used during the film process may raise the grain of the wood. If this is the case, the windows should be refinished prior to the installation of the film. Windows with rubber gaskets around the glass that are typically brown and then painted to match the trim generally have a poor paint bond which may result in some flaking. In any of these situations where normal preparation results in subsequent touch-up, Project Green is not responsible for that work. These conditions should  be addressed at the consultation or at the beginning of the installation if not previously discussed.

The installation for most homes can be completed in one day.  In a home with true divided colonial panes of glass, the installation  is considerably longer. The homeowner does not have to be present during the entire process. It is very common for our installers to be left unattended in a home. This is left to the discretion of the homeowner.

Occasionally installations are scheduled for weekends. Typically,  the smaller less complicated projects are done at his time.  Also, the lead-time for weekend installations can be three to six weeks.  Any particular conditions that may be involved in an installation  will be covered during the consultation.


Post Installation

Some moisture used during the installation of the film will remain between the film and glass. The energy from the sun  will complete the drying process. Consequently, the film will  dry quickly under sunny conditions and slower during winter  months. The manufacturer states that this process can take up to 30 days. During this time, small water pockets or a  hazy cloudy appearance may be noticeable. It is best to leave the film alone and ignore the appearance. This will be temporary and completely dissipate when the film is fully cured. The room side of the film is cleaned at the installation and should  not be washed for 30 days. Once the film is fully dried, ammonia free glass cleaners, and soft paper toweling, such as Bounty, should be used. Although the scratch-resistant coating protecting your window film is very durable, it should                     never be cleaned with abrasive materials or razor blades.  Never apply household tape to window film.